Which wildlife sanctuaries near Bristol are must-visits for animal lovers?

Immerse yourself in the wonder of the animal kingdom and create unforgettable memories with your family. For those of you living in or visiting Bristol, there are numerous wildlife sanctuaries and zoos providing a fun-filled day out for kids and adults alike. But which ones should you prioritize?

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Stepping into Bristol Zoo Gardens is like opening a book of enchanted stories where every animal has a tale to tell. This underrated gem nestled in the heart of Bristol is a must-visit for all animal lovers.

Bristol Zoo Gardens is home to over 400 species of exotic, endangered and adorable animals from across the globe. The park is perfectly designed for a family day out, with plenty of things to do for kids, from interactive exhibits to animal feeding sessions.

With the likes of Asiatic lions, Western lowland gorillas, red pandas and more, the zoo ensures a magical and educational experience. It also houses a fantastic aquarium, which is a crowd-puller with its brilliant array of aquatic life. The underwater tunnel offers a captivating view of the marine world, making it a firm favourite among visitors.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

Just a short drive from Bristol in North Somerset is Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, another perfect destination for a fun-filled day with family. This park combines the best of zoos and farms, providing an enriching experience for both kids and adults alike.

The zoo farm is home to a wide range of animals, including giraffes, elephants, rhinos and lions. The hands-on approach at Noah’s Ark allows visitors to get up close and personal with farm animals, providing children with an invaluable opportunity to learn about and interact with different species.

Alongside its excellent animal exhibits, Noah's Ark Zoo Farm also hosts a variety of fun activities designed to keep kids entertained. With a petting zoo, adventure playground and indoor play barn, there is something for everyone, regardless of the weather.

Wild Place Project

Get ready for a walk on the wild side at the Wild Place Project. This wildlife park, located in Bristol, offers a unique blend of adventure, fun and learning.

The park boasts an impressive range of wildlife, including wolves, cheetahs, lemurs and more. One of the highlights is the Bear Wood, where you can spot the European brown bear, Eurasian lynx, wolverine and wolves roaming in their natural wooded habitat.

The Wild Place Project also offers a range of fun outdoor adventures for kids. With barefoot trails, a treetop adventure course and plenty of open space to run around, it's a fantastic place for children to explore and learn about the natural world.

Somerset Wildlife Trust

The Somerset Wildlife Trust is a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts and a key player in wildlife conservation. It manages numerous nature reserves throughout Somerset, offering a chance for visitors to observe British wildlife in its natural habitat.

Each nature reserve offers a unique array of wildlife. From the otters of Black Rock Nature Reserve to the ancient woodland of Langford Heathfield, there's plenty to see. The trust organises regular guided walks and educational events, providing a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the delicate ecosystems of Somerset.

While the Somerset Wildlife Trust may not offer the same level of interaction as a traditional zoo, it provides a wonderful opportunity for families to connect with nature and learn about the importance of conservation.

SeaQuarium Weston-super-Mare

Venture into the watery depths at SeaQuarium Weston-super-Mare. Situated on the town’s popular seafront, this aquarium provides a fascinating journey into the world of aquatic creatures.

The aquarium features a range of exhibits designed to mimic the natural habitats of its residents. From the Amazonian predators of the Rainforest River Zone to the colourful fish of the Tropical Reef Zone, there's so much to explore and learn.

The SeaQuarium also offers daily talks and feeding demonstrations, providing a fun and educational experience for the whole family. The 360-degree underwater tunnel, brimming with sharks, rays and other sea creatures, is a particularly mesmerising experience that kids will undoubtedly love.

Prinknash Bird and Deer Park

Widely known for its impressive array of birds and deer, the Prinknash Bird and Deer Park is another fabulous wildlife sanctuary near Bristol. This park offers a unique, laid-back nature experience, making it a great choice for family fun.

The sanctuary is home to a variety of birds, including peacocks, waterfowl, and lovebirds. The park's sizable flock of friendly fallow deer is also a major attraction. Visitors can engage in a delightful experience of hand-feeding these gentle creatures, which can be an absolute highlight for children and adults alike.

The park also hosts a stunning aviary that is home to a multitude of vibrant parrots and exotic birds. The serene woodland walkways make for a peaceful, immersive experience in nature. Throughout the year, the park organizes various family events, ensuring there's always something exciting happening for all ages.

Bristol and Somerset's Wildlife Sanctuary - A Haven for Endangered Species

Amongst the numerous wildlife parks near Bristol, many are doing their bit for the protection of endangered species. Bristol Zoo Gardens, in particular, is home to several endangered species such as Asiatic lions and Western lowland gorillas. Noah's Ark Zoo Farm is also contributing towards conserving endangered species like African elephants and white rhinos.

Somerset Wildlife Trust, too, is active in the conservation of various habitats, providing a safe haven for Somerset's native wildlife. These sanctuaries near Bristol play a pivotal role in the conservation of wildlife and offer a rich, educational experience for visitors.


Bristol and Somerset offer a host of wildlife sanctuaries that are as entertaining as they are educational. These wildlife parks provide a fantastic opportunity for families to engage with nature and learn about various species, their habitats, and the importance of conservation.

Whether you're planning a day out with your children or looking to indulge your love for animals and nature, these wildlife sanctuaries near Bristol are sure to provide a memorable experience. From petting zoos and farm animals at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm to a walk on the wild side at the Wild Place Project, there's something for everyone.

Equally, if you are intrigued by the underwater world, the SeaQuarium Weston-super-Mare offers an immersive aquatic experience. For those who prefer a quieter, more relaxed experience, the Prinknash Bird and Deer Park or any of the Somerset Wildlife Trust's nature reserves are ideal choices.

Remember, your visit to these wildlife parks and sanctuaries not only provides a fun-filled day but also contributes to the crucial work of wildlife conservation. So, lace up your boots, pack your picnic, and get ready to explore the incredible wildlife sanctuaries near Bristol.