Where can one find affordable wine and dine experiences in the historic town of Bath?

The city of Bath, renowned for its ancient Roman spas and stunning Georgian architecture, is a place that never fails to deliver, be it in terms of history, culture, or culinary delights. As a city that's steeped in history, Bath also boasts a plethora of restaurants and bars that embrace their historical setting while offering modern and eclectic menus. This article aims to point out some top-notch places that blend the best of both worlds: affordable, yet high-quality!

Let's delve further into the city’s gastronomic offerings and find out where you can enjoy a great meal and a fine glass of wine without breaking the bank.

Hidden Gems of the City: Local Inns and Pubs

Bath is home to numerous traditional inns and pubs that offer quintessentially English experiences. While most of these establishments are known for their ales and beers, many also have an impressive selection of wines.

The Coeur de Lion is Bath’s smallest pub, tucked away on Northumberland Place. This hidden gem is renowned for its local ales, but the wine list is just as impressive. With a menu that changes regularly, you're guaranteed a unique dining experience with every visit.

The Raven of Bath, located on Queen Street, is another local favourite. Known for its traditional pub atmosphere, it also offers a comprehensive wine list and a food menu featuring high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. The Raven is a perfect stop for those looking to enjoy a wine and dine experience in a cosy, authentic setting.

Affordable Luxury: Hotels with Great Bars

Bath's hotels aren't just for out-of-town visitors. Many local residents enjoy the bars and restaurants found in the city's top hotels. These establishments often provide a touch of luxury while still remaining affordable.

The Abbey Hotel boasts Allium Bar, a chic and modern wine bar offering an extensive selection of wines from around the world. Their menu features a fantastic range of dishes, from light bites to hearty main courses.

The Francis Hotel is another place you should consider. Its Boho Marché restaurant and bar present an eclectic menu mirroring the diverse culture of the Mediterranean. The selection of wine is quite impressive and affordable, making it an ideal spot for wine lovers with a taste for global flavours.

A Taste of Bath: Restaurants with Local Delicacies

When it comes to restaurants, Bath offers a cornucopia of choices. From traditional British food to international cuisine, the city's restaurants cater to all tastes and budgets.

The Scallop Shell is a seafood restaurant that locals and visitors alike adore. Located on Monmouth Place, this restaurant provides a relaxed atmosphere and a menu boasting the freshest local seafood. The wine list is carefully selected to complement the dishes, so you can enjoy a delightful pairing experience.

Located on George Street, The Oven is a must-visit for pizza lovers. They use locally sourced ingredients to create delicious and authentic Italian pizzas. The restaurant also offers an exceptional variety of Italian wines to accompany your meal.

Indulgence without Breaking the Bank: Wine Tasting Tours

Wine tours can be an affordable way to taste a wide variety of wines without purchasing the whole bottle. Several local companies offer wine tours, allowing you to explore the city while enjoying its finest wines.

Bath Wine Tasting Tours offer a variety of experiences, ranging from a simple city tour with wine tasting stops to a full-day excursion to local vineyards. Their knowledgeable guides will explain the various wine flavours and types, providing an excellent introduction to wine tasting.

Another option to consider is Great Western Wine, which regularly hosts wine tasting events. Their events include a guided tour of their cellars, a tasting of selected wines, and a food pairing. Not only will you be able to taste a variety of wines, but you will also learn about the art of wine and food pairing.

Visiting Bath is a feast for the senses. Whether you're enjoying a glass of wine in a cosy pub, dining in a stylish restaurant, or exploring the local vineyards on a wine tour, there is always a way to enjoy the city's culinary delights while keeping your budget intact. Embark on a gastronomic adventure in the city of Bath, and find out for yourself why it's considered a food and wine lover's paradise.

Affordable and Elegant: Wine Bars in the City Centre

Bath’s city centre is also a hive of activity for wine enthusiasts. Here, you will find a variety of wine bars that offer a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring the Roman Baths or wandering around the Royal Crescent.

Corks of Bath is an independent wine merchant located in the city centre. It offers a vast assortment of wines from all over the world. By day, it's a wine shop, but come the evening, it transforms into a cosy wine bar. Check availability and operating hours from Monday to Sunday to ensure your spot in this wine lover's haven.

Le Vignoble is another fantastic wine bar to visit. Situated in the Milsom Place shopping centre, Le Vignoble is an award-winning wine lounge that offers more than 250 different wines, champagnes, and liqueurs. Their wines are available by the bottle, glass, and even by the taster using their self-serve wine dispensers. This allows you to try a variety of wines and find your favourite.

These wine bars not only offer an extensive wine list but also serve a selection of light bites and platters, making them ideal places to eat and indulge in the city centre.

Vibrant Atmosphere: Pubs and Restaurants with Live Music

For those who enjoy a side of live music with their wine and food, Bath has plenty to offer. Several pubs and restaurants in the city regularly host live music nights, offering an exciting blend of food, drink, and entertainment.

The Bell Inn, located on Walcot Street, is a well-loved local pub known for its live music. From jazz to reggae, there's always something different to enjoy each night. Besides, they offer a great selection of wines and a hearty food menu. It’s recommended to check their availability and operating hours, mainly if you’re planning to visit on a Sat or Sun.

Green Park Brasserie is another fantastic spot. Nestled in a former railway station, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience with live music from Wednesday through to Saturday. The wine list is extensive, and the food menu is full of locally sourced, seasonal delights. From afternoon tea to evening meals, this family-friendly restaurant offers something for everyone.


Bath is undoubtedly a city that knows how to deliver when it comes to affordable wine and dine experiences. From traditional inns and pubs to city centre wine bars and restaurants with live music, there's something to suit every palate and pocket. Award-winning venues, special offers, and an array of places to eat make Bath a gastronomic destination worth exploring.

No matter if you're staying for a few nights in one of Bath's charming rooms or suites, or just visiting for the day, you're bound to find a place that's just right for you. With such a diverse food and drink scene, it's easy to see why Bath is considered one of the best places in the UK for affordable luxury. So go ahead, plan your visit to Bath, and get ready for a memorable culinary adventure.